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Daniel Wilson




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Daniel’s top skills:
CeMAP & CPSP-certified with 16 years in new build sales, I’m adept at legal progression and developer requirements
Skilled in diverse mortgages, from Residential to Commercial finance, aiding over 2500 clients achieve property goals.
Committed to exceptional customer service, offering personalised care to ensure client satisfaction and success.
More about Daniel:

Greetings, and welcome to the world of tailored financial solutions. I’m Dan, your CeMAP and CPSP-Certified Mortgage and Protection Specialist.

If you’re reading this, then you’re about to step into the realm of personalised financial solutions and comprehensive property expertise. I’m a highly regarded Certified Mortgage and Protection Specialist (CeMAP) and a Certified Practitioner in Specialist Property Finance (CPSP). With a wealth of 16 years in property sales, my commitment goes beyond traditional mortgage advising.

My proficiency extends to a true all-of-market scope, covering all financial intricacies, legal progression, and a nuanced understanding of the unique demands presented by developers, housebuilders, and estate agents. I bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that my clients receive not only sound advice but also a tailored approach that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

My dedication to providing tailored solutions is not just a professional commitment but a reflection of my passion for delivering the best possible outcomes for my clients. I believe in creating lasting relationships built on trust and a deep understanding of individual needs. I have proudly helped over 2500 clients fulfil their property aspirations over the years.

    • Certified Mortgage and Protection Specialist (CeMAP)
    • Certified Practitioner in Specialist Property Finance (CPSP)

Core Competencies:
    • Residential,
    • Buy to Let,
    • Shared Ownership,
    • Portfolio Landlords,
    • HMO’s
    • Limted companies,
    • Bridging,
    • Development Loans
    • Commercial finance.

Ready to explore personalised financial solutions tailored to your unique requirements?
Feel free to reach out, and let’s embark on a journey towards securing your financial well-being.

Economic Shifts: Navigating Rising Mortgage Rates, Inflation, and Global Market Challenges
The previous years BOE rate hikes are starting to bite, people are pulling in their belts and spending less, inflation is now dropping to acceptable levels, there are 316k mortgages coming off their low fixed rate deals in 2024. These mortgagor's will see their monthly payments jump up from what they have been used to the last few years and will struggle if their salary has not outpaced inflation by quite a margin.

Cost of living is easing somewhat due to inflation dropping but prices are still high due to the wider world economics at play, oil remains at its peak due to unrest in the middle east even though the west is becoming more reliant on their own resources, basic essentials like milling grains are still relatively high due to the continued fighting in east Europe so daily purchases of such like bread is bumping up the monthly food bills, weather in the UK has also not helped domestic produce.
Balancing Act: The UK's Economic Growth and the Shifting Housing Market
The UK economy is still growing slowly and a recession is being avoided, .......................... Just! Employment in the workforce is still buoyant yet house builders are reporting weak sales and their focus is more on affordable housing due to lack of interest from the private market, no doubt due to people sitting tight waiting to purchase believing the market will start falling and rates will drop. I don't see this happening, there is a bent up demand for housing due to slow sales the previous years and there will be a mass influx of buyers if mortgage rates drop or prices do cool off a tad, we will then see the property market on a new run upwards with pricing increasing yet again to new levels.
Shifting Sands: How US Inflation Fears Impact UK Mortgage Rates and Lending Trend
Lenders have increased product rates this week mainly due to fears the US inflation rate is not where it was expected to be the other week that's had a ripple effect on the UK economy, swap rates increased and in turn the lenders repriced. Welcome news! We have seen lenders relaxing their affordability somewhat and the release of some very incentivised products hitting the mortgage market like the 5k deposit only product Accord released as lenders battle to secure the business that is currently live.
Adverse credit and debt consolidation is up and specialist lenders and brokers alike are seeing a huge pipeline of cases coming their way looking to refinance personal debts.
Forecasting the BOE's Rate Cuts: A Cooler Financial Climate Ahead
The BOE is expected to reduce rates this year albeit now only twice instead of 3 to 4 times, this will of course ease the pain for people but mortgage rates will not be anywhere near what we saw 3 to 4 years ago, I predict at the end of the year we may see rates settle just above 3%.

So enjoy the summer, have a cup of tea and hopefully it will have all blown over come Autumn!


Have been referring business over to Daniel Wilson at Connect Mortgages for the last month, and been struck by how helpful he has been, and professional . Excellent communication, and turnaround time. Received a client mortgage offer within days of the application . Client chuffed to bits. First Time Buyer. Happy days !!

Phil Owen

Daniel was our advisor, kept us up to date at every stage and really helpful with any questions we had. The process went very quick which is what we needed! Thanks so much for helping us find a mortgage.

Jaysen Hope

Dan has been very helpful throughout our mortgage search and ended up getting us a mortgage £170 pm cheaper than any other advisor.

Giselle Kiel