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Sean Bowling




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Sean’s top skills:
Specialising in mortgages for clients with complex incomes, credit issues, and unique property types.
Nationwide and international mortgage and protection expertise over 18 years.
Expert in catering to High Net Worth individuals and managing significant loan amounts.
More about Sean:

Throughout my extensive career spanning over 18 years in the specialist mortgage broker sector, I’ve dedicated myself to assisting clients who face challenges obtaining finance through traditional high street banks.

Qualifications: NACFB accredited added onto CEMAP

My expertise is precious for those with complex income structures, historical credit issues, non-standard property types, or those dissatisfied with their banks’ restrictive options.

This also includes High Net Worth individuals who seek more experienced brokers capable of handling significant loan amounts. My experience is both national and international, demonstrating a versatile and ‘can-do’ approach in the mortgage and protection industry.

Motivated to serve a broader range of clients, including those needing to meet the conventional lending criteria due to adverse credit histories or high net worth, I established SBL Financial. My mission is to bridge the gap for these individuals by offering bespoke financing solutions catering to their unique needs.

My motto, ‘the impossible is just another day for us,’ encapsulates our ethos at SBL Financial: turning financial hurdles into manageable tasks through innovative problem-solving and relentless dedication to our client’s success.

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