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Shannon Harwood




Appointment Options:

Face-to-face, Online, Telephone





Shannon’s top skills:
Expert in underwriting, processing, and closing commercial loans, ensuring detailed and efficient transaction management.
Deep knowledge of commercial real estate and mortgage industries, providing insightful and strategic financial guidance.
Specialises in evaluating financial status and credit-worthiness, with specialized training in EBITDA for precise affordability assessments.
More about Shannon:

Shannon brings a unique blend of expertise to her role as a mortgage adviser, with exceptional experience in underwriting, processing, and closing commercial loans. Her deep understanding of the commercial real estate and commercial mortgage sectors makes her an invaluable asset to anyone navigating these complex markets.

Here’s how Shannon stands out:

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge: Shannon’s in-depth knowledge covers the full spectrum of commercial financing, including Commercial loans, Buy to Let properties, and Bridging finance. She is also skilled in offering placement and packaging options, making her a versatile adviser capable of handling various financial needs.

Expert Evaluation Skills: Shannon excels in researching and evaluating commercial properties, assessing the financial status, and determining the credit-worthiness of borrowers. This meticulous approach ensures that all facets of your investment are thoroughly analyzed for the best financial outcomes.

Specialised Underwriting Ability: Shannon has undergone specialist training to proficiently underwrite cases before submission. She is adept at interpreting EBITDA to assess affordability based on tax accounts or for owner-occupied lending. This level of expertise allows her to tailor financial solutions that are both realistic and favourable to her clients.

Choosing Shannon as your mortgage adviser means securing a mortgage professional who is not only equipped to guide you through the intricacies of commercial financing but also committed to achieving your financial goals with the utmost precision and professionalism.

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