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We are inviting clients to answer a few questions so we can match them with the ideal mortgage broker. Our system needs your input to present advisers who meet your criteria. You can then learn more about each adviser and make your selection!
  • 6. We have some advisers who speak additional languages. If possible, which of the following languages would you prefer your adviser to use to have conversations with you?

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Why do we offer our clients gender options?

We always provide our services without discrimination. However, we understand and respect that in certain situations, a client may have a valid reason for preferring a mortgage adviser of a specific gender. We aim to accommodate these preferences when possible: 

  • Cultural or Religious Reasons: Some clients have cultural or religious beliefs that limit their interactions with individuals of a certain gender.

  • Personal Comfort and Trust: Discussing personal finances and private information can be sensitive. A client might be more comfortable or find it easier to trust an adviser of a certain gender, possibly due to past experiences or personal comfort levels.

  • Language and Communication Styles: Effective communication is key in financial advising. Some clients may feel an adviser of a particular gender better understands their way of communicating or their needs.

  • Gender-Specific Experience or Expertise: Occasionally, a client may look for an adviser of a specific gender due to their experience or expertise in handling issues particularly relevant to that gender. For example, a female client may prefer a female adviser who is experienced in managing mortgage issues that affect women, like the implications of maternity leave on mortgage applications.